Fall Fashion Trends 2010: Blowfish?

Published: 30th October 2009
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If you're picturing spiky blowfish dangling from your earlobes, don't worry. The blowfish are for your feet, Blowfish shoes, that is. Finally offered in the U.K., Blowfish Shoes has launched their first U.K. fall shoe line just in time for cool, crisp weather.

Kate Moss and Sienna Miller have been seen wearing these fantastic shoes setting a great shoe trend that offers fashion and comfort. The same folks who brought us shoe legends Rocket Dog, Esprit, Sam & Libby, Hippopotamus, Aerosoles and David Aaron design Blowfish shoes. Style, quality, comfort and fun go into every pair of shoes whether you are shopping for boots, booties or ballets.

The boots this Fall are fun and practical. Hamish boots are warm enough for chilly weather and look great whether you're attending a footie match in jeans or clubbing in a skirt. Their button up design coupled with durable cotton twill upper, rubber sole and padded footbed make these the perfect fall boots.

Booties are adorable this season with the layered 80's look back in full force. Too bad the hobbits in Lord of the Rings didn't have Blowfish Hobbit booties down in middle earth! They could have covered those ugly, furry feet in style! Lucky for us, furry feet or not, the stylish, comfortable Hobbit booties are available in several fall colours. Their slouched look is a must for fall. Another great booty is the Hybrid, which has a fun, pirate look with a buckle on the side rather than buttons.

Ballet flats look fantastic with legging and skirt combinations. A popular shoe, the ballet flat remains in style year after year, but make sure you find a pair that offers comfort. Cheap pairs of ballet flats will fall apart and will not offer your feet the support and comfort they deserve. Blowfish ballet flats have cushy soles yet retain their dainty appeal. Segment flats, Hands Down Pumps, Henkin ballet pumps, Segway flats or Softshell flats all have a place in your wardrobe.

Blowfish sandals are exceptional as well, so stock up for next summer at a clearance sale. La Villa Gladiator sandals and Lobos sandals are stylish enough for dressy affairs, yet comfy and casual enough for a day of shopping.

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