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Published: 30th August 2009
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Any sexually active person in a new relationship or in a non-monogamous relationship should consider taking a free Chlamydia test. This sexually transmitted disease accounts for 30% of reported STD's in the UK. Many more cases go unnoticed, undiagnosed, untreated and obviously unreported.

Chlamydia is passed during vaginal intercourse, but also through oral and anal sex. The most susceptible group are younger women and teenage girls. Their cervixes are not fully developed, so infection is more likely. Anyone who is sexually active with multiple partners is also more susceptible to Chlamydia infections.

Mothers can also pass Chlamydia to their newborn babies via delivery. Women who are pregnant should be tested for Chlamydia as soon as they know they are pregnant if they've not been tested before or if they've had unprotected sex with a new partner since their last test. Measures can be taken to avoid infection of their newborns and prevent complications such as severe pink eye or worse, pneumonia.

Nearly 75% of Chlamydia cases have absolutely no symptoms. In part, this is the reason there are so many undiagnosed cases. Women with symptoms may experience lumpy discharge and/or a burning sensation during urination. Yeast infections and urinary tract infections can have similar symptoms. This may lead the woman to attempt treatment on their own through an over the counter yeast infection treatment, postponing diagnoses and furthering the Chlamydia infection. Severe symptoms of Chlamydia are pain in the abdomen and lower back, fever, painful intercourse and bleeding in between periods.

Chlamydia can spread into the fallopian tubes or rectum. Pelvic inflammatory disease can occur if Chlamydia is left untreated. This can lead to permanent scarring of the female reproductive organs and unfortunately, ectopic pregnancy or infertility.

If men have symptoms (and often they do not), discharge or pain and burning during urination may be noticed as well as testicular swelling or pain in rare cases. It's important to remember that lack of symptoms does not mean Chlamydia isn't damaging the body. In fact, untreated Chlamydia can cause a rare arthritis that presents with lesions, urethras and swelling of the eyes.

We've had an increase of Chlamydia cases in the UK since 1998 by 150%. Testing is free and the treatment is a simple course of antibiotics. It's such a simple process to alleviate your fears and prevent permanent damage such as infertility.

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